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DOLFIN, Unip. Lda. Committed to assist Government to conduction it’s operation in an environmentally responsible manner and to continual improvement environmental practice. Outstanding results in public and represent best practice in construction techniques in a manner that is universal recognised by the community at large. This includes a combination of good planning, firm leadership, carefully management system and relevant education an training, which are applied with in environment that places a priority on positive communication.

DOLFIN, Unip. Lda. are dedicated to creating innovation and cost efficient to construction and Welding. Our award-winning staffs provide to construction building, material supplies and work supervise. This permits our engineering staff to coordinate and control projects more efficiently and be more responsive to clients request.

About Dolfin

The contractor firm was established by a group of experienced Timorese born and educated on Civil Welding, Architect, Industrial, Electrical, Supply, Telecomunications, Manage Service and other related to subject with the focus on the long term and very commit to participated in the government project to achieve the Government National Development plan.

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Workshop: Has Laran Delta IV Comoro, Dili Timor – Leste.
Office : Rua Jose Maria Marques No.18 Dili.
Phone : +67073717777
E-mail : info@dolfin.tl
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