Company Partner

Company Partner

  • Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (TL),S.A.
  • FFTL Timor Leste (FIFA)
  • PT. TELEHOUSE Enginering
  • PT Daya Mitra Telekomunikasi
  • GOTA
  • G & S Santos Living
  • Ministerio de Defesa Timor Leste
  • Wijaya Karya ( WIKA )
  • D’City Hotel
  • ETO – Telco
  • UNTL Timor Leste
  • DIT University
  • Bank Mandiri Dili
  • Cotecna
  • Money Gram Timor Leste
  • Etc.

About Dolfin

The contractor firm was established by a group of experienced Timorese born and educated on Civil Welding, Architect, Industrial, Electrical, Supply, Telecomunications, Manage Service and other related to subject with the focus on the long term and very commit to participated in the government project to achieve the Government National Development plan.

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Workshop: Has Laran Delta IV Comoro, Dili Timor – Leste.
Office : Rua Jose Maria Marques No.18 Dili.
Phone : +67073717777
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